5 Ways To Wear The Classic Iconic Racer Jacket This Spring

Spring is nearly here and to say "we are excited" is an understatement. This winter was… not cool, to say the least. And while we’re excited to bust out our spring wardrobe, it’s still a little too cold to go sans-jacket. What’s the perfect lightweight and spring-friendly jacket? Our Classic Iconic Racer Jacket, of course!

Here are five, spring-friendly ways to wear the Members Only Classic Iconic Racer jacket!

With Jeans & A Tee

We figured we’d start with a classic – pairing our Classic Iconic Racer with jeans and a t-shirt. We can’t think of a combination of this staple outfit that our Classic Iconic Racer jacket doesn’t go with. Try spicing it up with a graphic tee and dark navy or black jeans and adding a baseball hat.

With a Sundress 

Itching to break out your favorite sundress but still too cold to wear it on its own? We’ve got you covered – literally. Pair your favorite dress with a Classic Iconic Racer to stay warm and create an instant old school vibe. Bonus points for pairing the outfit with your favorite pair of Converse or Vans for that laid-back, grunge vibe.

With Your Favorite Crop Top & High-Waisted Jeans

Sure, we love our oversized sweaters, but we are so ready to break out our favorite crop tops and high-waisted jeans or pants for spring and summer. This vintage inspired trend shows no signs of slowing down and we’re all for it. Pair with your favorite Classic Iconic Racer jacket – you can even grab one in a size up for an oversized look. We dare you to find a better spring uniform.

With a Button-Down & Dress Pants

Who said the Classic Iconic Racer jacket is just for play? Not us. Take your Classic Iconic to work by pairing it with your favorite work uniform such as khakis or your favorite dress pants and a button-down. Wear with some sleek dress shoes to complete the outfit. It’ll be heavy enough to get you through your morning commute but light enough to wear in the office without sweating all day. Pretty perfect, right?

To Workout

We don’t mean literally wear it work out, unless that’s your thing. We mean wear it over your workout clothes on your way to your favorite workout class. The Classic Iconic Racer jacket looks effortlessly chic over a pair of leggings and sports bra or crop top. And, did we mention it could easily take you from workout to brunch? No need to bring an extra pair of clothes to the studio if you have your favorite Classic Iconic Racer jacket with you!

Honestly, the options are endless when it comes to wearing the Members Only Classic Iconic Racer jacket. And with so many colors to choose one, it’s damn near impossible to choose just one. Check out our full collection of Iconic Racer jackets here.
Do you have a favorite way of wearing your Classic Iconic Racer Jacket? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to tag us on Instagram (@membersonlyusa) so we can see how you rock it!

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