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5 Trending Spring Styles 2018

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Color is key this spring - whether bold or pastel, and the '80s are making a comeback. Not sure how to look good while meshing modern and 80’s fashion? We’ve rounded up a few spring 2018 trends and are here to help you spruce up your winter wardrobe and keep up with the trends modern 80’s style.

Pastels Attack!

Lilac, pretty pink, washed lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see a whole array of pastels this spring- and we are talking head to toe! Pastels often have a bad rap for being ‘too girly’ or come across as ‘delicate’ but as Victoria Beckham states “delicacy can be strong.” So get ready, pastels are coming in strong.

Plain and Simple.

Plain an simple – an easy style that never goes out of style! You can never go wrong with a plain pair of high-waisted jeans with a tucked-in, loose-fit tee and a cute pair of platform sneakers or a pair of booties to dress it up a bit.

  • Try this style with a faux leather jacket!

Bodysuit Barrage

You’ve probably noticed any time you walk into your favorite retails store or browse online for a new outfit, bodysuits are everywhere! This trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Bodysuits are perfect for dressing up or down – coupling with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a peplum skirt. Then, throw on your favorite swanky over-sized jacket for an evening out.


Working our way up to the ‘90s comeback. Even though the classic bomber jackets are still stylish, we found a new outerwear trend we are looking forward to this spring. The good ol’ windbreakers are the new spring outerwear trend that is hot right now. Not only are windbreakers reliable for the rainy spring weather, they are also super adorable. You can wear them with almost anything! Can’t forget, they make the best fashion accessory for tying around your waist during the day and throwing over your shoulders when it gets chilly in the evening.

  • Might want to grab your windbreaker before April showers begin!

Denim Jacket Revival!

On the heels of the '90s-style rebirth, the oversized jean jackets are making a glorious return to the closets. Faux leather and bomber jackets had their fair run in the fall and winter, but this piece was made for cruising into the warmer months. Throw over slip dresses and swimsuits all Summer long.


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