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10 Lightweight Jackets Perfect for Summer 2021

Finding a summer jacket for men is all about style as there is no need to use outerwear in summer. However, it is an additional accessory that can enhance your style statement by several notches.

You can wear a variety of stylish jackets in summer to take your outfits to the next level. While there are numerous ways to elevate your summer-style, jackets are a crucial part of making your wardrobe look fabulous.

Looking for a one stop shop for an expansive collection of outerwear? Members Only is a brand that you should check as it has contemporarily design jackets that have a timeless style. From modern cartoon prints to vintage elements, there are several ways add value to your ensemble.

Here is a curated collection of jackets from Members Only that can be a great additions to any ensemble.

Men's classic iconic racer jacket

This iconic racer jacket for men is an essential addition to your wardrobe, without a doubt. The jacket is sturdy, and it goes well with almost any outfit, so trying one is a bit of a no brainer.

Men's Hey Arnold nickelodeon windbreaker jacket

This windbreaker is an exceptional summer jacket weightless to wear and will score you some serious style points. The smallest details make the outerwear more desirable, but the cherry on top is the sturdy fabric used to make them. You can certainly add this cool Hey Arnold printed windbreaker to your outfit and elevate your fashion game effortlessly.

Men's MO jungle print popover jacket

The Popover jackets are not just performance clothing, but make a great everyday staple as well. The fabric is breathable making it easy to wear comfortably all day long. In addition, this classic jacket combines two-three different colors and a ferocious jungle print in the back. Get this jacket to step up your fashion game effortlessly.

Men's Spongebob nickelodeon denim jacket

If you are looking for a stylish men's jacket with a fun element, this denim jacket is the best choice—a contemporary take on the classic denim jacket with a cool cartoon print. The subtle yet sophisticated jacket is the right choice if you want something stylish, with a little bit of a fun twist.

Men's daffy squad jacket

When you are trying to find outerwear for athletic activities, this jacket is ideal for you. The jacket is functional and fashionable, great to wear with any outfit. The lightweight jackets are best to wear with any outfit and comes in both blue and black.

Men's packable jacket

The summer season is the best time to wear lightweight jackets, and at times, to elevate your summer style game. With a pair of side hand pockets, there is more room to carry your belongings. The packable jackets will be a great addition to your closet, and it comes in over 5 colors.

Men's Bergen shirt jacket

This is essential outerwear to complete your jacket collection as it is easy to throw it over any outfit. The jacket is thick enough to protect you in the chill summer nights and easy to layer in the winter months. You can wear the light jacket year-round, and it is also durable.

Men's color and translucent block jacket

When it comes to adding some unique pieces to the seasonal wardrobe, this color-block translucent jacket is an essential. You can wear a jacket for every season without any doubts. The jackets are comfortable to wear and look great with any outfit. The jacket is perfect to wear while running errands on Saturday mornings.

Men's faux suede hooded bomber jacket

This is one jacket that you cannot deprive your closet of. The suede bomber is a summer essential and an easy way to elevate a casual outfit. This can be the perfect style twist to add to your black outerwear collection.

Men's coach jacket with fleece hood

Though fleece jackets are great for fall, you can wear them in summer as well. These fleece jackets for men are stylish with your casual outfit, and an easy way to spice up any look.


The jackets mentioned above are the best lightweight jackets for men available in Members Only, and it's essential to have one from the list to elevate your wardrobe. Summer is the best time to flaunt your fashion statement with minimal layers, and you can experiment with fresh ideas or go with the inspirations from celebrities.


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