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The 10 Greatest ‘90s Trends of All Time

Whether you were born in the ‘90s or not, you have to appreciate the fashion trend this decade brought. After the bright, flashy, big fashion of the ‘80s, the ‘90s came with grunge, punk rock, and SO MUCH FLANNEL.

Here are 10 of our favorite fashion trends of the ‘90s.

Mood Rings

You can’t talk about ‘90s fashion without mentioning mood rings. Did they actually work? Probably not. But we liked to pretend they did.

Striped Sweaters

Very Kurt Cobain-like (or Freddie Krueger), a striped sweater is the epitome of grunge (and Nightmare on Elm Street). Wear the trend today by layering it under your Classic Iconic Racer jacket.

Unbuttoned Shirts with Graphic Tees

The ultimate “cool guy” uniform of the ‘90s was a long-sleeve shirt (worn like a shirt jacket) over a band tee.

Ripped Jeans

Did these ever really go away? Either way, they were a ‘90s staple. Wear with the Members Only Pebble Faux Leather Biker Jacket for the full effect. Guitar optional.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are making a major comeback, but they became popular during the ‘90s thanks to their grunge style. You can thank Daria for that one.

“Discman” (& Headphones)

Long before iPhones and iPods, Discmans were the ultimate “cool guy” status symbol. We won’t miss our favorite tracks skipping, though.


Before Wayfarers, it was all about the Oakley Straight Jackets (or similar frog-eyed shades). You couldn’t even consider yourself cool if you didn’t own a paid of these in the ‘90s.

Tagged Backpacks

The ‘90s were all about tagged backpacks – whether it was your Jansport or LL Bean backpack. How else would you represent your “crew”?

Flannels (Tied Around the Waist)

Flannels made a major comeback in the past few years – thanks to the Americana trend - but they were all over the ‘90s. Better yet, flannels tied around the waist was the ultimate trend of the decade. Bring it back by wearing one (or tying one around your waist) with our Faux Leather Classic Iconic Racer Jacket.

Starter Jackets

Ah the starter jacket – letting your rep your team while wearing only the brightest and shiniest colors together. We think starter jackets never really went away, but that’s just our opinion…

Sure, Members Only was made in the ‘80s (well, 1975 to be exact), but we can totally respect the fashion of the ‘90s. Hey, why not even mix the trends? Wear one of your favorite ‘90s trends with a Members Only jackets and transcend decades.

Inspiration & images from Complex.


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