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Members Only x 'Heathers: The Musical'

Long before Regina George there was Heather Chandler.

“The Heather's”, the 1980’s movie that defined the era of teenage cliques, angst, and heartbreak, is best known for its one-liners and cynical, tragic theme made humorous. It's the original "Mean Girls"; if "Mean Girls" had homicide, strip croquet, and scrunchies.

‘The Heathers’ tells the tale of a suburban Ohio high school clique named the ‘Heathers’ for: Heather Chandler (the leader), Heather Duke (follower one), and Heather McNamara (follower two). Their fourth member is outsider Veronica Sawyer (played by a young Wynona Ryder). After Veronica falls for the new (literal) bad-boy Jason 'JD' Dean (played by Christian Slater), the school gets turned upside down landing some students six feet underground. As the Washington Post stated when the movie premiered, “'Heathers' is the rare teen movie that looks at high school feudalism from an insider's lofty perspective.

On the eve of "The Heathers" 25th anniversary, the premiere of “Heathers: The Musical” debuted on off-Broadway. The musical effortlessly translates the movies core theme of teenage societal pressures and the nature of high school as a whole, while still making it relevant for today. The musical keeps the movies most iconic one-liners such as, "What's your damage?" and "Lick it up baby, lick it up", while adding touches of new-age comedy for the perfect blend of vintage and modern. The cast provides a phenomenal, wildly entertaining performance; a true revival of a cult classic.

Being that Members Only was the quintessential 1980’s jacket, it was only natural we team up with “Heathers: The Musical”. Members Only and “The Heathers” were the ultimate cult classics of that era; every guy had a Members Only jacket and every girl wanted to be a ‘Heather’. Together the two are unmistakably iconic. Nearly a quarter-century later, it’s time to bring the cult classics back.
After all, everyone loves a good comeback story. 

Below are pictures from our photoshoot the cast of 'Heathers: The Musical' wearing our Spring '14 collection.

How very

Veronica (played by Barrett Wilbert Weed) & JD (played by Ryan McCartan)  

From Left to Right: Jason 'JD' Dean (played by Ryan McCartan) & Veronica Sawyer (played by Barrett Wilbert Weed); Veronica & JD; Heather Duke (Alice Lee), Heather Chandler (Jessica Keenan Wynn), Heather McNamara (Elle McLemore);


The 'Heathers'


Check out their website here: Heathers: The Musical & make sure to catch a show! 

Follow the cast on Instagram. Do it, trust us: 

Barrett Wilbert Weed: @barrettweed
Ryan McCartan: @mccarya 
Alice Lee: @instalicelee
Jessica Keenan Wynn: @jkwynn
Elle McLemore: @ellemclemore